2013 MAiZE - Click to Enlarge Image

2013 MAiZE – Click to Enlarge Image

Welcome to….The MAiZE!


Last fall, we introduced a brand new attraction…the MAiZE at Confreda Greenhouses & Farms! This year, we’ll open the MAiZE on Saturday, September 14, 2013.

The MAiZE  is a 10-foot-high labyrinth carved into a cornfield the size of 7 football fields. It’s much more than a corn maze, it’s an interactive attraction with learning activities for kids, challenges for adults, and FUN for all ages! You don’t just tour the MAiZE…you experience it. Get into the MAiZE craze!

The Confreda MAiZE includes several games, including a scavenger hunt where participants vie for the title of “Farmer of the Ear.” The MAiZE typically takes an hour to complete. During the week, the MAiZE will be open for school tours and private events by reservation only.